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Macon to Investigate Unlicensed Taxi Cabs | News

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Macon to Investigate Unlicensed Taxi Cabs

Macon administrators say they're investigating taxi companies throughout the city who don't have business licenses.

Yellow Cab is the only service in Macon with all of the required documents and inspections. Radio Cab has all of the licenses to operate in Bibb County.

Keith Moffett, assistant CAO in Macon says, "What we've found, though, is that we have several independent operators, and so we need to ensure that they have the proper licenses and that they're performing the services in accordance with the standards."

Those standards include running meters, properly-working cars, and a state taxi license tag.

"It may come to we ask our law enforcement agencies to do periodic stops of these taxi cab and shuttle service vehicles to ensure they have a proper license," says Moffett.

Lieutenant Wilton Collins with the Macon Police Department says they can't do it alone.

He says if you get in a suspicious cab, "Gather as much information as they can from the driver, the tag number, the taxi cab number itself, where they were picked up, what time they were picked up. At least give us something to go on that we can follow up on."

Macon law spells out specific markers that must be on the outside of every licensed cab. A driver must have the company name, phone number, business license, and meter rates displayed on the outside of the vehicle.

Each company must have their entire fleet inspected by the city every year. The inspection sticker also has to be visible on the car.

The city can give unregistered cabs a $250 minimum fine.

Moffett says the city may reinstate their taxi cab advisory board, which would monitor cab companies and handle complaints.


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