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Residents Fight Against Forest Hill Road Widening Plan | News

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Residents Fight Against Forest Hill Road Widening Plan

The plan to widen Forest Hill Road is about to take another turn.

Activist Lindsay "Doc" Holliday sued the Georgia Department of Transportation and is asking a judge to put the brakes on the project.

Alice Boyd has been living on Forest Hill Road since she was 4 years old. It's a neighborhood full of memories that she's fighting to protect.

"Maybe there might be a little bit of hope that someone will listen," says Boyd.

The changes to Forest Hill Road will occur between Northside Drive and Wimbish Road. That will turn into a three lane section.

Between Forsyth Road and Wimbish Road, the street will become a four lane section.

13WMAZ called GDOT for a response, but they have not gotten back to us. So far, no construction schedule has been set.

What the state calls improvements, Boyd calls dangerous.

"When you put in three lanes, that third lane, the middle lane is nothing in the world but a suicide lane," she says.

The 85-year-old champions Holliday for suing the Georgia Department of Transportion.

Holliday claims the expansion poses a threat to safety and nearby streams would increase traffic volume and decimate trees.

"I would think most reasonable people would be willing to sacrifice a little bit of personal property," says Dennis Duncan of the Law Offices of Dennis Duncan off Forest Hill Road.

Instead of expansion, Holliday suggests re-pavement and adding left-turn lanes at the intersections of Forest Hill Road and Ridge Avenue and Wimbish Road. But some see that as only a temporary solution.

"I just don't think those cosmetic changes will be enough. It needs to be widened and it needs to be at least three or four lanes," says Duncan.

The expansion will mean the destruction of a lifetime of memories for Boyd.

"When they come out here to cut down my crepe myrtles, I'm going to tie myself to the tree. They're going to have to take me with them," she says.


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