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Shar'bora Daniels' Family: 6 Months Later, No Answers | News

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Shar'bora Daniels' Family: 6 Months Later, No Answers

The stockings were hung; the ornaments were on the tree, but Lori Daniels says there was one thing missing this holiday season, her daughter.

"I don't know that we'll ever get over this. I still think about this every day, on a daily basis, and I know my family does too, even the ones that didn't live here when it happened. She has a Facebook page that we never took down and we write to her on it all the time," she says.

18-year-old Shar'bora Daniels died after a stray bullet came through the wall of her parents' house while she was playing video games with her brother.

That happened on June 19th, and six months later, Captain Mike Smallwood with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office says they still don't have answers.

He says, "We have some people of interest, but not enough to charge anybody."

Smallwood says most drive-by shootings are gang-related and multiple shots are fired, but in this case, there was one bullet and many question marks.

"We have to depend on people giving us information and talk in the street and just follow every lead that comes in," he says. "It's flusterating [sic] to us as it is to family. I can't say that to the family because they lost a loved one, but it's real flusterating [sic] to us."

Both Smallwood and the Daniels family say, even after six months, they're still not giving up.

"The biggest issue for us is no closure," says Daniels.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office asks anyone with information on the case to call them at 746-9441.


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