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New Accusations Against Officer Clayton Sutton | News

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New Accusations Against Officer Clayton Sutton

Last week, 13WMAZ released discipline records for Officer Clayton Sutton, which show he was disciplined more than a dozen times and faced 26 formal complaints since joining the police force in 2006.

After hearing of the December 21st Kroger shooting, 64-year old Adam Solomon says he realized that Sutton was the same officer he says injured him over the summer.

Solomon says in July, he called Macon Police when unwanted guests in his house would not leave. But instead, Officer Sutton ended up arresting him.  He says after Sutton arrived at his home with two other officers, Sutton told the other officers they could go and said "I'll take care of it."

Solomon then says Sutton "snatched me out, slammed me on the truck of his car," He then says Sutton told him to "shut your God d*** mouth" and twisted his arm.  He says Sutton put on the handcuffs so tightly that he burst blood vessels in his wrists.

Solomon was arrested for public intoxidation, but says police later dropped the charges. Spokeswoman Jami Gaudet would not confirm that or comment on the matter.

Solomon says since then, he's had multiple hospital trips and doctor's appointments to help with his injured hand. He says he attended Sammie Davis' funeral to show support, and says what happened to both himself and Davis  make him concerned that Sutton is still on the job.

"You know, he's just a beast," says Solomon, "They need to take that gun and badge away from him and lock him up."

Solomon Public Drunkenness Incident Report


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