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Other Police Department Protocols around Georgia | News

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Other Police Department Protocols around Georgia

According to Director Ray Saxon, with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, there isn't a state standard for officers. Each agency creates its own.
13WMAZ called several departments around the state to see what kind of protocols they have in place.

Phyllis Bank Public Information Officer for Albany's police department says the agency investigates excessive force complaints, and if they find inappropriate conduct has happened, the officer has ten days to appeal to the Chief of Police or to Albany's City Manager.

If that appeal doesn't fall in the officer's favor, the officer could be either suspended or terminated altogether.

That's after just one excessive force complaint. Bank says they don't let the complaints pile up.

The Major in Patrol for the Columbus Police Department Julius Graham says his office would have addressed the disciplinary issues sooner and adds, "We address issues before they get to the point where there is a liability for the officer or department or before it gets to be an issue that's out of control."

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office in Augusta didn't call us back, and the Savannah Police Department wouldn't comment.

The Sutton case has been turned over to the GBI. They started their investigation Wednesday.

Sutton remains on paid administrative leave.


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