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Woman Says She'll Pay to Save 12 Dogs from Euthanasia | News

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Woman Says She'll Pay to Save 12 Dogs from Euthanasia

Twelve dogs at the Bibb County Animal Shelter are looking for homes or might face euthanasia. 

Anna Bowman says she'll pay the adoption fees if someone will save the animals from euthanization.

Bowman says she adopted her dog and says now she's part of her family. She says it breaks her heart to see animals that don't have a home.

If you'd like to save one of these dogs, but can't afford the adoption fees, email Anna Bowman. (The originally posted email was incorrect. This is the correct email address for Anna Bowman: acmcle6860@gmail.com)

Bendi has been at the Macon-Bibb Animal Shelter since July and her time might be up.

"Today we're just trying to push because we have dogs coming in just about every other day," says animal welfare officer Kristal Mahoganey.

There's also Cartwright, T-Dog, and Cupcake just to name a few. Twelve dogs in total have until Tuesday to find a home because the shelter's adoption room is full. 

Mahoganey has worked at the shelter for two months and is hopeful for the dogs. "We haven't even euthanized about four or five since I've been here."

Eleven of the dogs on the list are pit bull mixes, a breed with an unfavorable reputation, making them harder to adopt. 

"When I was younger, I actually got bit by a pit bull so before I was kind of terrified. But being in here with different pit bulls and different mixes, they're actually good dogs," says Mahoganey.

Animal welfare director, Sarah Tenon, encourages rescues and pet lovers willing to adopt to come out before the Tuesday deadline. 

She says she is anticipating an influx of animals coming in because of the large amount of calls about dogs, roaming at large. 

The adoption fee is $80 with a refundable deposit of $50. The fee includes spay and neuter. 


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