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Animal Welfare: 6 Dogs Remain on Euthanasia List | News

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Animal Welfare: 6 Dogs Remain on Euthanasia List

It's the end of the line for 6 dogs. 

Bibb County Animal Welfare released a euthanasia list of 12 dogs with a 4:30 p.m. deadline on Tuesday. 

Adopters, rescuers, and sponsors were only able to successfully adopt out half. 

"We need a miracle, so let's see if we can pull one off for them," says Shane Smith, president of rescue group Paws for Hope and Change.

Shannon Halstead and her husband arrived at the Bibb County Animal Welfare half and hour before the shelter opened to save a dog from death row. 

Pet lovers like Halstead came to the shelter answering the last-chance call to adopt out dogs on the euthanasia list.

"All the animals, there's a few that stand out. Dutch and cashew, it'd be a shame to see them put down so we're going to see if we can bust them out," says Smith.

Rescues pulled dogs and sponsors offered to pay either the $80 adoption fee or the full cost of $130 which includes the refundable spay and neuter fee.

Animal Welfare Director Sarah Tenon says the low-kill shelter is full and that's why she released a list in hopes of saving the dogs before the 4:30 p.m. deadline.

"I can't have 80 dogs because I have 37 kennels. You have to know the layout of the shelter to know what the number means," says Tenon.

After looking checking out the dogs, Halstead is adopting Lali as a present for her son's 13th birthday. Lali is not on the list, but she's a life saved.


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