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City of Macon Gets Clean Audit Report | News

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City of Macon Gets Clean Audit Report

Auditor Miller Edwards, of Maulden and Jenkins, says he found six problems in the city of Macon's finances. That's down from 24 issues noted in last year's report.

Most of them centered around making sure more people oversee the balances owed to the city and better communication with outside agencies like the Tax Commissioner's Office.

Edwards brought up two instances where the city needed better oversight of federal grant payment requests, but says Macon properly used all of the $7 million received.

He also applauded the city for its increase in the general fund over the past few years. It now sits close to $9 million. That's almost double the 2010 balance.

The city came around $2 million short of the 2011 numbers, but Mayor Robert Reichert says that's because of the $2.5 million the city paid the police and fire pension in May after a dispute over a promissory note.

Both the general and police and fire pension plans are 95 percent funded, which Edwards says is higher than many other cities the same size.

Reichert says after Tuesday's report, he's looking forward to a smooth transition into consolidation and a positive financial future for the new government.

Both the city and the county will have two more audits before the merger, one in June and the other by the end of the year.

Reichert says the audit report kicks off his month-long State of the City agenda.

Instead of a speech from the Mayor explaining Macon's current economic standing, the city will host several events over the next few weeks to showcase things like revitalization plans and an update on SPLOST funds.


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