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Bibb vs. Monroe: Property Tax Breakdown | News

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Bibb vs. Monroe: Property Tax Breakdown

A surprise decision by a Fulton County judge means that the border dispute continues for Bibb and Monroe county.

But for those dozens of homeowners living in the disputed land, it could mean lower taxes if they cross into Monroe. 

13WMAZ did the math for you. We took a market valued price home of $132,450 and compared the millage rates between Bibb and Monroe. 

For both counties, the taxable value would be $52, 980. 

But in Bibb, the millage rate is 32.7970. Under this rate, the Bibb homeowner would be taxed at $1,737.59. 

The Monroe County millage rate is 24.673. And that same home would be taxed at $1,307.18. 

The difference would be about $430.31 a year or $35.87 a month. 

Mindy Attaway, a local realtor said if these houses cross the county line, it could turn it into a more popular area. 

"Whenever you have that's just in the Monroe County line, but you are going to pay these lesser taxes you still have the easy access to the North Macon amenities like River Crossing and shopping and restaurants," said Attaway. "It's a really desirable area to be in especially if your taxes are going to be on average a thousand dollars less than they would be if you were in the city of Macon or Bibb County."


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