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"Macon A Difference" Fair Set for February | News

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"Macon A Difference" Fair Set for February

The City of Macon is preparing a resource fair that will teach organizations and volunteers how to serve the community better.

The event is called "Macon A Difference", and it will be held Feb. 1-2 at the Macon Centreplex. It will be open to the public.

Mayor Robert Reichert introduced the goals of the project during a press conference on Tuesday.

He said the city wants to collaborate with existing nonprofits and identify their niche areas of focus to pair them with other nonprofit organizations in order to help the city better deliver services to people in need.

Several organizations have signed up for the event, including: United Way of Central Georgia, Volunteer Macon, the Macon Housing Authority, Unity-N-Community, the Macedonia Church and Awakening Fires. 

The program will include workshops and opportunities for nonprofit leaders to network with each other as well as giving them a platform to showcase their work to the general public.

Wanzina Jackson, director of the Macon Economic and Community Development Department, encourages all nonprofit organizations and volunteers to attend the event.

"Even those agencies that are just starting to look at nonprofit status; this is an opportunity to come and find out that there are some other things that I need to know about serving our community," said Jackson.

Organizations that would like to participate can register with Volunteer Macon at www.handsonmacon.org.


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