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Lake Tobesofkee to Begin Raising Levels | News

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Lake Tobesofkee to Begin Raising Levels

Lake Tobesofkee's water level will begin to rise Tuesday. 

After being lowered in December, the Tobesofkee dam will not allow any water to drain from the lake until it reaches its natural level of 360 feet above sea level.

"We lowered it on purpose to allow property owners around the lake to do work on docks, boathouses, sea walls, and also give us the opportunity to do much needed work on swimming areas around the lake," said Doug Furney, Director of Tobesofkee Recreation Areas.

Boaters are advised to proceed with caution, as submerged objects and sandbars could be dangerous.

It will take several weeks for the lake to reach its natural level. The water will need to be filled naturally, with rain water. Lake officials expect Tobesofkee to be at normal levels by March 2013.


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