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Super Saturday Volunteers Tax Assistance | News

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Super Saturday Volunteers Tax Assistance

To celebrate Super Saturday, volunteers prepared tax returns to help you maximize your refund.

To help residents manage their money, volunteers at the Buck Melton Community Center are providing free income tax assistance.

"You can't beat free," says NaJat Middleton from Macon.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance is a program set up by the IRS. If you make $49,000 or less, you are eligible for free tax help. The limit used to be $28,000, but the IRS raised it to assist more people.

"I did an appointment about 10 minutes ago. That was about a $5,000 return," says Buck Melton manager LaRonda Eason.

Middleton came with her boyfriend, Johnny Moss,  hoping for more than a few pennies and dimes. They're hoping to use the refund money to fix their house.

You can do your tax returns yourself, but there are a few road blocks along the way that might deter you from finishing.

"I tired and I had three things that were wrong so don't know what I did wrong," says Middleton.

Moss says it's easier to go through a professional for help so that you don't have to worry about "crooked" people stealing your money.

"There are a number of credits people aren't familiar with so they would like a professional to go over those with them," says Eason.

The following centers also provided tax assistance:

- Macon-Bibb Senior Center

- Macon Housing Authority

- Buck Melton 

- Community Church of God

- Sites at Robins Air Force Base

Dial United Way at 2-1-1  to find locations near you.




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