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Macon Police Chief Doesn't Expect Sutton to Return to Patrol | News

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Macon Police Chief Doesn't Expect Sutton to Return to Patrol

No matter how the investigation of a fatal shooting outside a Macon Kroger turns out, Officer Clayton Sutton probably won't be patrolling the streets of Macon.

That's what Police Chief Mike Burns said in an interview this morning.

He spoke as Macon police leaders gathered at Mabel White Baptist Church for their annual retreat.

Burns and other ranking officials met to talk about their goals and strategies for the coming year.

But the chief was also asked about Sutton, who allegedly shot 49-year-old Sammie Davis Junior back in December.

Sutton remains on paid administrative leave, which is normal procedure when an officer is involved in a shooting.

Burns says the case will make it hard for Sutton to return to street duty.

"Well if he's found guilty of any crime," the chief said, "he will not have a job, I won't put up with that. If the GBI comes out it was justified, well then I'll have to find a place for him that'll probably have to be out of the public because the media and some elected officials has made it dangerous for him to do his job..."

And with the new consolidated government set to eventually phase out the Macon Police Department altogether, Chief Burns' own future is also uncertain.

Burns told us with Sheriff David Davis becoming the county's top cop, he's been told he won't have a position in the new government.

"Well if there'll be a Chief Deputy opening, you know, after being Chief eight years, I don't know if I want to apply for a lower position and have to go through that process," said Burns. "I would probably apply for a Chief somewhere else."

We'll have more from the Chief tonight on Eyewitness News at 5 and 6.


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