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Crime Down In Both Macon and Bibb County | News

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Crime Down In Both Macon and Bibb County

Crime stats for 2012 show mostly good news for both Bibb County and the City of Macon.

Bibb County

According to the numbers released Tuesday, property crimes in the unincorporated county were down 10 percent last year.

Auto thefts, home and commercial burglaries, entering autos and other thefts were all way down.

Personal crimes were up 12 percent, but that was mostly driven by one category: business robberies.

And the sheriff's department says robberies at one business were responsible for a big chunk of that. The X-Mart adult store on Emery Highway was robbed eight times in 2012.

The number of homicides dropped from four in 2011 to three last year.

Roll it all together, and the sheriff's department says county crime overall was down 9 percent.


In Macon, police boasted the lowest crime total in 19 years and 13 percent drop in crime from 2011 to 2012.

While homicides, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault rose last year, burglaries, larcenies, and motor vehicle thefts saw significant drops.


One notable difference between the city and county were arsons, which were on the rise in the county, but declining within city limits.

Both the city and county had a higher solve rate for crimes than the national average. Nationally, only 48% of personal crimes were solved, but Bibb County and Macon had 64 and 65 percent solve rates, respectively.

As the two departments move towards consolidation next year, Bibb County Sheriff David Davis has he hopes to maintain the best investigative practices of both departments.

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