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Macon Gets Individual Wrestling Tournament from Gwinnett | News

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Macon Gets Individual Wrestling Tournament from Gwinnett

Thursday afternoon about three thousand wrestlers, their coaches and their fans will start filing into the Macon Centreplex for the Individual Championships.

This is a big deal and it will bring a chunk of money that we don't normally see in this area.

Even if you don't like wrestling here is how this windfall came about and what it could mean for the economy.

Denis Tallini is as associate director for the Georgia High School Association.  He says fans of wrestling are a passionate breed.

"The blood pressure goes up and the testosterone is really flying around here," he said with a grin.

Tallini says that excitement will make a return trip to Macon this weekend when we host the Individual Wrestling Championships.

Historically the Centreplex has always hosted the dual event and the Gwinnett Arena gets the event in February.

This season a scheduling conflict up north drove the GHSA to search for another area.

"The Gwinnett Arena has a contract with the circus and some other events," Tallini explained.

It might get to look a bit like a circus in Macon.

The dual wrestling championships happened last month. Tallini says we can expect three time the amount of athletes in town starting Thursday.

"The individuals is a much larger tournament we have about 1000 wrestlers here with 72 teams. But in the individual tournament we're going to have three times that many kids, Tallini said.

Tallini figures some teams will appreciate the central location of Macon this year.

"Certainly some schools will have to travel but it minimizes some of the burden on our schools, Tallini said.l Atlanta is a little further north they have a few other things they can offer but this is an excellent location and we'd like to be here if we can."




Tallini says they don't know if this tournament will return to Gwinnett next year or come back to Macon. It really depends on scheduling.

To give you some perspective, we also checked in with the Macon Convention and Visitors bureau, they said tennis tournaments, basketball championships and wrestling rank as the top money making tournaments in town.

They say this year the Duals tournament pumped two hundred thousand dollars into the local economy.

If you want to check out all the action wrestling begins Friday night at five thirty and runs all day Friday and Saturday.

It's seven dollars per day to get in the door.








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