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Erick Erickson Creates Controversy at Mercer Founder's Day | News

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Erick Erickson Creates Controversy at Mercer Founder's Day

Mercer University celebrated its Founders Day by inviting Erick Erickson to speak.

Erickson is a political commentator who is the editor-in-chief of RedState and works for Fox News  Erickson lives in Macon and graduated from Mercer for both undergrad and law school.

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But the decision to invite Erickson as speaker drew fire from many students and faculty at the university, who say his controversial remarks, especially on women's issues, were disrespectful.

In an article in Mercer's newspaper, The Cluster, one student said "rather than living by the values of responsible citizenship or emulating this dedication, Erickson has made his fame and fortune through a career of incessant vitriol and extremism."

After giving a speech on his time at Mercer Wednesday morning, Erickson hosted a forum about Civility in Politics. 

13WMAZ was invited inside, but not allowed to film the event.


-- Erickson defended some his more controversial remarks, including calling the Democratic National Convention's decision to showcase speakers about women's reproductive rights "the Vagina Monologues."

-- After being asked about a comment he made calling retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter a "goat f***ing child molester," Erickson called it the "dumbest thing I've ever done," and made him realize what he says has consqueneces for his family.

-- When asked by a student what he considers a feminist, Erickson said "Frankly every feminist I've ever met fits the stereotype most conservatives have."

-- Erickson said men should be able to exclude women from groups like the Masters golf tournament if they choose.

-- When asked about education, Erickson said he thinks more conservatives need to admit that "many young blacks have the deck stacked against them."

While there were some heated moments, the tone of the event overall was civil.

Still, some students are staff say Erickson is a poor reflection on the values that Mercer University tries to foster.


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