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Florida Couple Builds Homes for Needy in Midstate | News

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Florida Couple Builds Homes for Needy in Midstate

A Florida couple said they want to spend the rest of their lives building a new hope for others. 

Bill and France Moriarty retired in their early 40s. Instead of taking it easy, the couple decided to pack their trailers up and build homes across the country for Habitat for Humanity. 

The couple have been all over the country, helping communities rebuild after natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and the flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Those memories are something they won't forget. 

"When it becomes real it's heartbreaking when you look into the people's eyes who have lost their homes or you see the little children that are rummaging through the trash train to find their toys," said Bill Moriarty. 

"When you're driving and you're seeing house after house home after home destroyed and you're seeing all the trash everywhere and you think this is somebody's whole entire life that has gotten destroyed," France Moriarty said. 

The Moriarty couple came to Melvin Place in Macon to help volunteers build the foundation for a new home. 

They said what brought them to Macon is the need they found in some of the neighborhoods. 

"Well you drive up and down these roads and you see that almost all the homes are boarded up, so something needs to happen whether it's just a lot of renovation or new construction there just seems to be a lot of poverty," said France Moriarty. 

For more information on how you can help Macon's branch of Habitat For Humanity go to this website http://maconhabitat.org/. 


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