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Former Player Prepares to Face Old Coach | News

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Former Player Prepares to Face Old Coach

The Rutland Hurricanes defeated Monroe 64-58 on Saturday to earn a spot in the Elite 8. On the opposing bench will be a familiar face for 'Canes head coach Ron Christian.

Christian graduated from Statesboro High School in 1995 and played for current head coach Lee Hill.

Tuesday night's match up will be the first meeting during the season between the former player and his coach. 

"It's big for me," said Christian.  "But these guys, it's not the same feeling for them. It really is about a state playoff run."

Christian emphasized that Tuesday's game was about giving his players a chance at a state title, but a win over Hill would be nice.

"I'm not going to sit here and say it wouldn't mean a lot to face him and get a win on him, but at the same time the thing is about these young men behind me.  I want them to have their playoff run."

It was 18 years ago that Christian played for Hill, but he says his former coach's style is still there.

"He still runs a lot of the same stuff and that's the style of a good coach when you can implement your game and still have the kids run it at the same place as they ran it back when they won a state championship."

Rutland tips off against Statesboro at 6:30 Tuesday night.


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