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Judge Orders Reeves Back to Jail | News

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Judge Orders Reeves Back to Jail

A Bibb County judge today says 73-year-old murder suspect Frank Reeves must stay in jail until he is fitted with an ankle monitor.

Judge Edgar Ennis did not revoke Reeves' $100,000 bond but said he should not have been released until he complied with his bond order.

Reeves is accused of shooting 65-year-old Linda Hunnicutt to death outside a Macon gas station in December. The shooting happened after Reeves' wheelchair and Hunnicutt's car bumped in the parking lot.

But Bibb County District Attorney David Cooke and Reeves' lawyer, Veronica Brinson, agreed that he was released Tuesday before being fitted with an electronic ankle monitor.

That apparently stemmed from confusion between a Bibb County deputy and Reeves' family about whether he needed to have the monitor before he was released.

"It  was definitely a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation," said his lawyer, Veronica Brinson.

Reeves was arrested Thursday after Brinson notified the judge and prosecutors that he had an appointment Friday to get the bracelet.

During a 45-minute hearing Friday, Cooke told the judge, "The question here is whether or not there is compliance with the court order. And there hasn't been a day when he did comply."

Ennis said, even though there was no evidence that Reeves or his family tried to evade his order, but he was concerned that Reeves was on the loose for two days without the bracelet.

"That's sort of like giving him a 48-hour head start," he said.

He warned, "If he doesn't have that piece of jewelry on when he goes through that jail door, he's in violation."

DA Cooke says Reeves is likely to remain in jail through the weekend.


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