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Macon Officer Resigns Following Child Handcuffing Complaint | News

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Macon Officer Resigns Following Child Handcuffing Complaint

A complaint filed by a mother of an 8-year-old boy that was handcuffed by a police officer has forced the officer's resignation.

Capt. Jimmy Barbee told 13WMAZ that officer Justin Fox resigned last week after the police disciplinary board recommended his termination.

Barbee described the complaint to us and said the woman claimed her son was riding his small scooter on Gray Highway at an apartment complex. The child spotted a dog on an apartment terrace and threw pine cones to get the animal's attention. That dog belonged to the off-duty officer.

Fox admitted to placing the child in handcuffs and decided to resign and not appeal the board's decision, according to Barbee.

Barbee said the officer wanted to "teach the child a life lesson. We do not train our officers to do something like that," referencing the handcuffing.

The officer was employed on the police force for about three years.  

Fox's discipline records showed he had been cited by Macon Police Internal Affairs Several times, mostly for other incidents of poor courtesy.  But, Barbee says, even if Fox had a clean slate before, handcuffing the child would still have been ground for his termination.



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