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Bibb Sheriffs Office seeks suspect in Macon BP burglary

The Bibb Sheriff's Office is looking for a suspect in the Friday morning burglary of a BP gas station in Macon on Shurling Drive.

The Sheriff's Office says around 2:10 a.m. Friday, the suspect shattered the glass door with a rock and entered the store.

He then placed an unknown amount of cigarettes and cigars into a plastic trash can, and left the store.

The Sheriff's Office describes the suspect as a black male wearing dark clothing, and say he was driving a dark colored vehicle.

Anyone with information on the burglary is asked to call Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME.

Judge sets Oct. 10 hearing on lawyer's contempt citation

A Bibb County judge has set an Oct. 10 hearing on whether to hold lawyer Veronica Brinson in contempt of court.

Last week, Judge Howard Simms removed Brinson as defense lawyer for murder suspect Frank Reeves.

Simms wrote that Brinson had not represented Reeves effectively. He appointed a public defender for Reeves and ordered Brinson not to take any further part in the case.

Earlier this week, Tilman Self III, the county's chief superior court judge, wrote that he planned to hold Brinson in contempt. He wrote that she continued to file motions and other documents in the case, despite his order.

On Friday, Self filed a citation against Brinson for criminal contempt. She faces possible fines of up to $10,000 and up to 200 days in jail.

Job Fair at Macon Best Buy store on October 2nd

Attention job seekers: The Best Buy store at 4676 Presidential Parkway in Macon will host a Job Fair on October 2nd, from 11AM-5PM.

Store manager Darrell Bumgarner says the Macon store is looking to hire "at least 10-15 people" for part-time and seasonal sales positions.

Salaries will vary, based on experience and resumes.

Interviews will be conducted at the store during the job fair, and people should apply online at Best Buy's website.

Macon man's home rebuilt after fire

Eugene Walker's home in Macon caught fire two weeks ago.


"Thank God there weren't nobody in the home," said Eugene Walker, "And it happened in the daytime, so that's great. If it happened at night, I don't know what the outcome would have been."

An air conditioning unit sparked, the flame caught on some curtains and spread throughout the house.

Walker's granddaughter, Adrianna Smith says the fire started in her room.

"I pretty much like lost all my clothes and shoes everything I had, [what] I worked for, I pretty much lost it," Smith said.

Bibb election board rejects Sunday voting

By a 3-2 vote, Bibb County's Board of Elections rejected early voting on a Sunday this fall.


It was a vote split right down party lines, with Democrats supporting the motion, and two Republicans and an independent voting against it.

The board chair called a highly contentious meeting.

Chairman Ronnie Miley said, "I think really in essence it would have been a great opportunity in light of the dilution of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. We are supposed the have open opportunities for people to vote. Unfortunately that was only a 2 to 3 opinion."

Judge steps down from Reeves murder trial

Judge Howard Simms removed himself from the Frank Reeves murder trial, nearly a week after he removed the defendant's attorney.

Simms removed Veronica Brinson from the Reeves case Sept. 16 after concluding she hadn't provided "effective" representation to Reeves. He then appointed public defender Richard Waller to represent Reeves.

In an order released on Thursday titled, "Order of Voluntary Recusal", Judge Simms says, "The Court now hereby voluntarily recuses itself from this matter so as to eliminate any possible inference(s) of bias and to ensure that the process constitutionally afforded to the Defendant can move forward expeditiously."

Club wants bar entry age raised to 21

A manager at one Macon club says he supports a proposal to raise the bar entry age to 21.

Macon-Bibb commissioner Scotty Shepherd wants the age limit raised to reduce fighting.

But Element Assistant Manager Elijah Davis says that's just one reason why he wants the age limit changed.

He says allowing people under 21 to enter bars creates a liability issue for the bar and ties up security, who spend a lot of time making sure no one under age drinks.

"You know you've worked all this time, had all this business set up. You had your liquor license, your business license, you've been established. You don't want that pulled out from under you," he said.

He says Club Element would raise the age on their own, but keeps it at 18 to stay competitive with neighboring bars.