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Romain Dallemand Gives His First Year "an A-Plus"

Romain Dallemand says a year ago when he started as Bibb County Schools superintendent, he set a list of goals, including assessing the district and holding listening sessions with employees and parents, creating a summer reading initiative, and developing a strategic plan.

He said he's checked off the entire list.

"I can proudly say that I have accomplished everything that was included in the action steps, and so if it's based on performance, I would say I got an A-plus," he said.

On March 10, Dallemand reorganized central office staffing, and cut ten jobs. About a month later, he unveiled his first budget which was $5 million more than last school year's. In that budget, he cut 87 positions and stopped pay raises to eliminate furlough days.

He then added 13 people to his staff-- five elementary school principals and eight central office workers. He said hiring that dream team was a crucial step.

Suspect in High School Rape is Denied Bond

A Superior Court judge has denied bond for one of seven suspects in an alleged rape in a Northeast High School restroom.

Antonio Deaundry Jackson, 18, will remain in the Bibb County jail.

Judge Edgar Ennis, Jr. heard the bond request Thursday morning in a courtroom at the jail.

Assistant District Attorney John Regan said the victim has identified Jackson as an attacker. Regan said witnesses saw Jackson engaged in sexual acts.

Regan said Jackson admitted to being in the bathroom at the time of the alleged rape on January 19 and investigators have surveillance video of him going to the restroom. 

Jackson's attorney Andrew Foster argued that his client should be offered bond because his ties to the community made him unlikely to flee before trial. Foster also said Jackson suffers from cerebral palsy and a learning disorder.

Four Schools Receive 2011 Single Statewide Accountability System Awards

MACON, GA.-- Four District schools were recognized by the Governor's Office of Student Achievement for high performance or making great gains on state assessments under the Single Statewide Accountability System (SSAS).

To learn more about these honors and which schools received them, click here.

Macon Police Take Over High-School Rape Investigation

The Macon Police Department announced Wednesday night it has formally taken over the criminal investigation of an alleged rape at Northeast High School on January 19.

In another development, Bibb County District Attorney Greg Winters said he would seek to indict three juveniles charged in the case as adults. Seven suspects are charged in all.

Winters said one suspect will have a court hearing today at the Bibb County jail.

Arrest warrants identify the adult suspects as Greg L. Watkins, 17; Antonio Deaundry Jackson, 18; Jimmie Lee McKnight, 17, and Ashley J. Clark, 17.

The unidentified juveniles are two 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old.

Until now, the Bibb school district's campus police had controlled the investigation. On Tuesday, superintendent Romain Dallemand said he had been unaware until Monday that campus police -- not Macon police -- were investigating the case.

Judge Upholds Discipline for Two Firefighters

An administrative law judge has upheld the discipline for two Macon-Bibb firefighters who took part in a prank shooting at Station 108 in September.

Administrative law judge Robert Herndon made his decision after hearing the appeal case for Chris Hughes and Josh Brewer

Hughes was fired and Brewer was demoted from sergeant to private and suspended for 10 days by Chief Marvin Riggins.

Herndon's ruling said, "Sgt. Brewer exhibited poor leadership in willingly participating in conduct that was a blatant violation of Order 26 recently revised by Chief Riggins."

Order 26 says initiation of fire personnel will immediately cease and that the Macon- Bibb County Fire Department has a zero tolerance policy for hazing.

By phone Brewer said Wednesday he's disappointed in the decision.  He said the other firefighters involved were also charged with breaking Order 26 and received a lesser punishment. 

Geico Gives to United Way

United Way of Central Georgia is celebrating a record-breaking contribution. Geico, their top contributor, donated $939,030.

Over the past ten years Geico has more than doubled their total money they give to United Way. Associates at Geico raised more than $800,000, which was added to their corporate gift giving them almost $83,000 more than they raised last year.

Amy Harp, an associate at Geico and a coordinator for United Way says she's proud that they were able to give back.

"We are extremely ecstatic to raise so much money and give it to United Way this is the largest amount that has ever been raised and so we're just overjoyed that I was a part of the campaign to do that and we're expecting even bigger things for next year's campaign." says Harp.

Macon Teens Accused of Rape Will be Tried As Adults

District Attorney Greg Winters says he plans to try all seven teenagers accused of raping a Northeast High School student last month as adults.

That includes two 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old charged in the alleged Jan. 19 rape in a boys bathroom.

Last week, arrest warrants showed that these four were charged: Greg L.
Watkins, 17; Antonio Deaundry Jackson, 18; Jimmie Lee McKnight, 17, and
Ashley J. Clark, 17.

An incident report released by Bibb County schools Tuesday night said three more teens, who are juveniles, are also charged in the case.

Under state law, crime suspects under the age of 17 are generally tried in juvenile court and their names are not released to the public. However, prosecutors have the option of trying juveniles charged with certain serious crimes, like murder and rape, as adults.