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Update on "the Mallory 10" | People

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Update on "the Mallory 10"
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Update on "the Mallory 10"

Thanks to a generous $750 donation from Macon resident Mallory Jones, 10 dogs and cats are available for adoption free of charge at Macon Animal Control. So far, 8 families have taken advantage of the gift, which is helping to relieve overcrowded conditions at the shelter. When the shelter gets full, dogs and cats must be euthanized to make room for strays, owner give-ups and animals that are part of criminal investigations. In most cases, pets surrendered by their owners die first.

The 10 adoption slots, dubbed "the Mallory 10" by local rescuers, allows individuals or families to go to the shelter, pick out a pet, and receive their new friend without having to pay the normal $75 adoption fee.

Pets are spayed or neutered and receive a rabies shot prior to the adopter picking up their new pet. Interim Shelter Director Van Vandewalker says the staff will visit the pets at their new homes to make sure everyone is happy and settling in together well.

Other donors have added some sponsorship money to the pot to help facilitate additional adoptions and rescue, also. Once you choose the pet you want, ask the staff if there is any financial assistance available to make the process easier for all involved.

When you adopt a pet from Macon Animal Control, you not only save that pet's life, you help make room that allows other pets more time to find homes before it's too late.

Macon Animal Control is open until 5:30 p.m. every weekday. The shelter is at 1010 Eleventh Street. Drive past the landfill's office and weigh station (bear right), and the shelter is on the left. Call 751-9200 for more information.

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