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Wheelchair-Bound Dog's Owners Hope He Finds New Home | Pets

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Wheelchair-Bound Dog's Owners Hope He Finds New Home

It's the tale of a lost dog with two names, whose two paralyzed back legs have confined it to a two-wheeled cart.

And the story started with a simple blog on 13WMAZ's "Where You Live" community website and was followed with a Facebook post. 

In fewer than 24 hours, thousands of Central Georgians had seen and shared the story of a wheelchair-bound chihuahua who'd been found "rolling around loose in the area of Daffodil Street, off Mercer University Drive."

His name, we were told, was Princeton. 

Questions -- about Princeton, about the owners -- poured in, as did offers to adopt the little dog that could.

13WMAZ's Tom George and Jacqueline Harnevious wanted to find answers for those questions, so they tracked down Regenia Brabham, the woman who is caring for Princeton while the search for his owners continues.

Brabham is the president and founder of Critical Care for Animal Angels, a rescue group in Warner Robins. She met us in the lobby of a Houston County animal hospital. 


In her arms, Princeton is docile, calm and wrapped in a "puppy pad" when we met him. Brabham explains he lost control of his bladder when his two back legs were paralyzed.

And now, his wheelchair is in the shop too. It didn't quite fit right, so one animal lover is making new straps for it while Lowe's donated new wheels.

Though more than a little heartbreaking, Princeton can scoot around without the help of his wheelchair, which Brabham demonstrated when she set him down.


Sarah Tenon, the director of Bibb County Animal Control, says Princeton was picked up around Daffodil and Lilly avenues.

The two roads are set back away from Mercer University Drive in a quiet neighborhood, with a few boarded-up homes. 

We stood on the porch of the home of a man who says he and his mother took in the dog for about a month. 

But he didn't know the dog as Princeton.

"Oh, that's Chico," Quinton Carswell said when he saw a picture of the injured chihuahua.
Carswell says Chico didn't have injuries when they first started looking after him. But after he was hurt, it was his mom who got the wheelchair. 

Like most dogs, Chico didn't like to stay in the yard. One day, he just went missing. That was about a week ago. 


The happy ending -- a reunion of a lost pup and his owner -- won't be. 

Carswell says his family misses Chico, but they don't have the means to continue taking care of him. 

He hopes Chico finds a good family. Judging from the comments we've seen, it won't be hard to make that happen.

Tenon says they'll go out to meet Carswell and his mom to get their consent to release Chico for adoption.

And if the vet approves,  Brabham says Princeton -- or, Chico, if you prefer -- will be up for adoption Sunday at the PetSmart in Macon.



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