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Several Dogs to be Put Down Wednesday at Animal Shelter | Pets

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Several Dogs to be Put Down Wednesday at Animal Shelter
Several Dogs to be Put Down Wednesday at Animal Shelter

Several dogs labeled aggressive to other animals, humans, or both, along with one dog that may have mange (a treatable skin condition) and one who the shelter director described as going "kennel crazy" are scheduled to die Wednesday at the Bibb County animal shelter.

While an aggressive dog can be potentially dangerous, someone with experience at handling dogs with these behaviors, especially pitbulls and pitbull mixes, may be able to work with the dogs to resolve the problem. The tentative list for Wednesday's kill was put out last night, and those interested in possibly rescuing or adopting a problem dog are asked to go to the shelter and visit with the dog before making any decision.

The shelter environment is highly stressful. Noisy and chaotic, with strange smells and frightened, confused animals that may be behaving badly, the shelter can cause dogs to react in ways we humans consider "bad." Once out of the shelter environment, some - though certainly not all - may relax and never have another issue in their lives. It's a judgment call that only a rescuer or adopter can make based on their own experience and an in-person assessment of the dog.

Mange, however, is another issue entirely. Eminently treatable and curable, mange can be a problem in the shelter because treatment is either unavailable or spotty. With the automatic watering system recently removed, staff has the added burden now of monitoring water bowls individually, plus washing and refilling them constantly. The shelter is understaffed and providing treatment for skin conditions is not high on the priority list.

The dog with mange, Kari, ID # A245953 is an American Staffordshire mix with no behavior or aggression issues. Some financial assistance may be available for getting her skin treated. She will be a great pet and a lovely dog once she is well. If she survives Wednesday.

The shelter is at 1010 Eleventh Street. View the dogs currently at the shelter by going to the County's web page or see the album of photos posted on On Borrowed Time on Facebook.


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