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Pet Tips: Choosing a Dog

Pet Tips: Choosing a Dog

If you are planning to adopt a pet (and we hope you will adopt and not buy your new friend), take some time to do a little research, first.

Many breeds have specific traits. Dachshunds are often diggers, because they were bred to dig up and kill badgers and other burrow-living animals. Herding dogs such as Australian shepherds and cattle dogs, like to herd things. This may include your children or your other pets!

Working breeds need a job to keep them busy, whether fetching the newspaper and your slippers or showing their stuff on an agility course.

Basset hounds and beagles often bay rather than bark, and they do so quite loudly.

Many of the active breeds will not be happy spending hours every day in a crate, and are unlikely to want to become couch potatoes. Look for calmer breeds if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

5K Run to Benefit Abused Animals

5K Run to Benefit Abused Animals

"For the Love of Kratos Benefit Run," is set to benefit animal shelters in Bibb, Houston, Baldwin, and Putnam Counties. 

The effort, organized by Bonnie Murphey of the Macon Tracks Club, supports only non-kill shelters and will also partially support the efforts of a local veterinarian who is providing “indigent care” to abused animals. 

The run is set for March 17 at 8 a.m. That'll be at Mount Zion Church on Rivoli Road.

100 percent of all proceeds go to the cause.

Trooper’s new owner is helping with the event and will bring Trooper with him.   

Lovable Libby

Lovable Libby

Libby has been at Macon Animal Control shelter far too long, and neither the staff nor the volunteers who have met and interacted with Libby can understand why.

Although her past is unknown, what is known is that Libby is a friendly, cheerful soul with a loving heart. She enjoys going outside to sniff the grass and explore.

Libby is just as happy to snuggle up and give gentle kisses. She likes to be petted and wriggles with joy when anyone pays her some attention.

Libby is young but full grown and stands about knee high, so she is no giant. She will fit nicely next to you on the recliner or in the car.

And her adoption fee is  $75, and you don't have to be a resident of Macon/Bibb County to add this beautiful dog to your family.

Darling Duchess

Darling Duchess

A few weeks ago, Macon Animal Control picked up a trio of dogs that had been running and playing unattended in a local neighborhood.

Of the three dogs picked up that day, two have been rescued. Those two, Caylan and Carly, are now safely ensconced in foster homes where they are warm and loved.

Duchess wasn't so lucky.

Although she is somewhat shy after being on her own with only the company of two other wandering dogs, Duchess is good tempered. She makes the funniest faces when you scratch her back and enjoys getting attention.

Duchess is considered extremely urgent at the shelter. This means that if any dogs must be killed to make space at the already overcrowded facility, Duchess will die.

Terrific Tootsie

Terrific Tootsie

Considering her rough background, Tootsie is amazingly forgiving. Exiled to the outdoors her entire life, kept only to produce litter after litter of puppies, Tootsie came into Macon Animal Control some time ago.

The over-breeding affected her health, but the shelter and volunteers saw to it that Tootsie received the care she needed.

Fully recovered, now, Tootsie is spayed, has all her shots and is on heartworm prevention.

Tootsie loves people in spite of the way she lived before coming to the shelter. She spent some time at Endless Love Pet Palace, and proved to be playful and energetic.

Pet Tips: Tag Your Pet

Georgia law requires your pet to have an annual rabies vaccination. Rabies shots protect your pet from catching this deadly, highly contagious disease if the pet comes into contact with an infected animal.

When your pet receives the rabies shot, you get a metal tag engraved with a number and the current year, along with the name of your veterinarian.

If your pet becomes lost, the numbers on the rabies tag can mean the difference between losing your pet forever or being reunited quickly.

Rabies tags are often the only way authorities can track you down if your dog or cat becomes lost and is picked up by Animal Control or involved in an accident.

If your address or other contact information changes after your pet gets the rabies tag, be sure to update your information with your veterinarian.

Endless Love Pet Palace Donates Daycare for Pets Adopted from Macon Animal Control This Week

Endless Love Pet Palace Donates Daycare for Pets Adopted from Macon Animal Control This Week

Endless Love Pet Palace has donated 10 certificates for free dog or cat daycare at their Warner Robins facility to the first 10 pets adopted from Macon Animal Control this week.

The Valentine's Day gift special coupons may be picked up at the shelter at the time of adoption. Dogs or cats must be adopted anytime between Feb. 13-17 to be eligible.

Endless Love Pet Palace has certain inoculation requirements for pets coming into daycare. The information is on the coupon, or you can read it on their web page by clicking on this link.

Click here to see a slideshow of many of the dogs and cats that need to be saved before Wednesday.