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Macon Reacts to Romney-Ryan Pairing | Politics

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Macon Reacts to Romney-Ryan Pairing

Romney's choice choice for vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, left Macon conflicted. Some are buzzing with excitement.

"He seems to have a handle on the nation's economy and the need for a balanced budge," says Senator Cecil Staton.

"I'm very elated he was picked. I think my first choice would've been Rubio but now that i've learned a little bit about Ryan, I'm very pleased with him," says Gwynne Morton from Cordele.

"He's an excellent choice for a running mate. I think he'll add balance to the ticket and hopefully he'll push Romney over the top," says Anna Brown from Atlanta.

13WMAZ's Judy Le also talked to people who didn't care about Romney announcing Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. They declined to go on camera but one woman from Macon told Judy there was no point in Romney choosing Ryan when he wasn't going to win. Another woman just shook her head when Judy asked her what she thought and she just said she was pro-Obama. 

The biggest response we've received is on our Facebook page. 

Jessica Bailey wrote:

"I am very happy with it. Washington needs some Republicans with new ideas in the White House to reduce the stigma of the GOP party from previous decades."

But the choice didn't matter to Sherman Pitts. He's all about re-electing our 44th President. Barack Obama for 4 more years.

And Regina Register is in the middle. She wrote:

"I like the choice, although I support Obama completely. I think if people elect Romney, he will return to his less conservative roots and Paul's young face may help him capture the female vote that republicans have alienated with their anti-birth control rhetoric that belongs in 1950."


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