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Campaign 2012: Undecided Voters | Politics

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Campaign 2012: Undecided Voters

The latest Rasmussen poll has President Obama leading Governor Mitt Romney 48 to 47 percent. Undecided voters across the country made-up three percent of that poll. 
13WMAZ talked Democratic and Republican parties in Bibb County about how they are reaching out to undecided voters. 

Jason Downey, Bibb County Chairman for Romney-Ryan, said they're reaching out to undecided voters through social media. He also said that local volunteers have gone to battleground states to sway those voters on the fence. 

"We've had people from here in Georgia who have gone down to Florida that have knocked on doors, that have phone banked. That's really what we need to do to get out the vote and tell people in the battleground states of Ohio, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, what's going on," said Downey. 

Sarah Hunt, the Chairman of Bibb County Democrats, said she thinks the way to get the undecided voter is to use the Internet to give them  information about President Obama.

"Look at all of the accomplishments that have been made," said Hunt in reference to information posted on the White House's website. "If you are undecided there will be no reason why you can't make-up your mind."

13WMAZ caught up with undecided voter, Chris Owens, who said one big issue is making it hard to choose his candidate for President., the economy.

"Because I am not for sure at this point which candidate would be the best to fix the economy," said Owens. 

Owens said if he can't figure out who he thinks would put the country on the right track with the economy, he might not vote. 



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