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Macon Native Draws Fire from Rush Limbaugh | Politics

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Macon Native Draws Fire from Rush Limbaugh

The scandal involving Gen. David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, Gen. John Allen and Jill Kelley has drawn together Macon native Allison Yarrow and conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Yarrow is an assignment editor and writer for Newsweek and the Daily Beast. Last Wednesday, she penned a story titled "A Scarlet Letter-the Monica Lewinsky-ing of Paula Broadwell."

In "A Scarlet Letter," she takes issue with coverage that she says favors salacious details instead of drawing a connection between the affairs--a culture of what Limbaugh calls "geographical bachelors"--and the "wave of sexual assault and harassment" allegations in the military.

The next day, Limbaugh sounded off on his nationally syndicated program in a segment called "The Trashing of Paula Broadwell," describing Yarrow as "upset" and saying that, with her, "the long knives are out for society in general."

Yarrow is the daughter of former liberal talk radio host Jami Gaudet, who is now spokeswoman for the Macon Police Department. Limbaugh said of Yarrow, she's "obviously a liberal writer."

He summarized her work this way: "...Allison Yarrow, she is all angry at society for looking at Broadwell this way."

The irony is that she and Limbaugh appear to agree on one thing: that what's happening with Broadwell is what happened with Monica Lewinsky first.

They may even agree that it seems unfair.

Yarrow writes: "But Clinton of course had a long public career before his sex scandal, while Lewinsky is still known for that alone."

On his show, Limbaugh closed with these thoughts: "...if you want to see where this treatment began, just go look at how Bill Clinton dealt with the bimbos. ...They trashed every one of those women."

However, while Yarrow's story examines the way the media has covered the scandal, trying to answer why, in the end Limbaugh just points the finger at "the Democrats."


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