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Practice Shelter in Place for a chance to sound the Macon-Bibb emergency siren | Best Of

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Practice Shelter in Place for a chance to sound the Macon-Bibb emergency siren

The Macon-Bibb County Emergency Management Agency is conducting a Shelter in Place drill on March 30, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. Shelter in Place means to take immediate shelter where you are – whether that’s at home, work, or school, or traveling – during an emergency.

To encourage people to participate and help spread the word of how important this drill is, EMA is hosting a social media contest. During the drill, take a photo of you and everyone else in your shelter in place location and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use #SiPMaconBibb. From the posted photos, EMA will select someone to sound the emergency sirens in during the monthly test in April or May.

“As part of our outreach to help people and families be prepared for severe weather and other emergencies, we want people to identify their Shelter in Place location and practice using it during the monthly emergency siren test,” says EMA Director Spencer Hawkins. “We want to make this a community event, encourage everyone to be involved, and show they are ready in case of a disaster.”

When the tornado siren sounds on March 30, everyone in your home or office should immediately move to your Shelter in Place location for the duration of the siren. If you are in a building that does not allow you to hear the emergency sirens, still move to your shelter in place location at 10:00 a.m. and stay there for 3 minutes. During a real call for a Shelter in Place, it would be important to listen to the news or announcements on television and radio to understand whether authorities wish you to remain indoors or to take additional steps to protect yourself, your family, or your co-workers.

To prepare for the drill, talk with your family members and people in your office about a Shelter in Place location. The best room in a home is one with as few windows and doors as possible and in the central portion of your house. A room, preferably with a water supply, is desirable—something like a master bathroom or large closet works well.

For an office or other workplace, select interior room(s) above the ground floor, with the fewest windows or vents. The room(s) should have adequate space for everyone to be able to sit. Avoid overcrowding by selecting several rooms if necessary. Large storage closets, utility rooms, pantries, copy and conference rooms without exterior windows will work well. In the event of a real emergency, provide for client, customer, and visitor safety by asking them to stay – not leave. When authorities provide directions to shelter-in-place, they want everyone to take those steps immediately. Do not drive or walk outdoors. 

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